What You Working With?

It’s like a question countdown. “Hi” or “Wassup”. “What you on” or if you on a mobile app “wyo”. “How big is your dick” or “unlock”. “Where you at” or “wya”. You know relationship and friendship just went out the window right. Now you in horny mode. Based on your response is how that person is going to react to you and classify you.

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You Cheat, I'm Done, Period

What’s worse, emotional cheating or physical cheating? To me… both. Emotional is worst than physical because they get attached. Physical can just be a one time deal and that’s it. Once they get an emotional connection, they won’t stop even after they find out that person is still in a relationship. “Obviously, he don’t want you that’s why he talking to me.” Saying something like that can get you fucked up if said to the wrong person.

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